The Cheap DNA Paternity Test Provides Answers For Less

Although there are many reasons for having a DNA test, one of the most popular reasons is to prove the parentage of someone. The cost of these tests has dropped over the years as the technology and methods have been streamlined. However, the cost is still more than some people are willing or able to pay. In these cases, some firms offer a cheap DNA paternity test for determining the parentage of a person.

A cheap DNA paternity test sometimes, but not always, means that the quality of the test is affected. The labs that offer a cheap DNA paternity test are able to do so because they test fewer genetic markers than those firms who charge more. Usually there are 16 genetic markers tested to determine paternity. The cheap DNA paternity test will test only 12 and sometimes six. The number of markers that are tested can have an affect on the results of the test.

Those who are seeking a cheap DNA paternity test do not always have to compromise the quality of the test for price. The subject of paternity isn抰 something to cut corners with. Shop around with different companies for their price and the testing method used. Some companies offer installment and payment plan options. Another option is to use an at-home paternity test. Be aware that the results of this kind of test are not permissible in court as proof of paternity. If there is a chance that there will be court ordered test, it might be best to wait until that time to avoid having to pay twice for the same results.

A DNA paternity test is a good way to put aside doubts or questions about a person抯 paternity. Luckily for some, these doubts can be put to rest for a lower price than what has been required in the past.

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