Things To Consider Before Availing Of A Cheap DNA Paternity Test

"The child is mine."

These words used to be the best evidence for filiation. Indeed, there was a time when a parent's contention that he or she is indeed the child's direct ancestor was enough to establish parentage, barring any claims to the contrary. Contentions against such claims used to boil down into a battle of testimonies, a "your word against theirs" battlefield where the party who delivers the most logical, consistent and credible statements is declared the victor. Still, it remained a battle of words, and words were always easy to fabricate.

These days, however, the filiation or non-filiation of a parent with his child can easily be proven through the auspices of a DNA test. The very signature of our uniqueness as individuals is extracted from our cells for comparison with the DNA strand of another subject. If the said comparison shows direct connections, then filiation is proven quite conclusively.

But DNA testing, being a relatively new technology, is often perceived as expensive. Hence, a lot of people have resorted to a cheap DNA paternity test that is discovered after some efforts on canvassing.

There are many institutions offering a cheap DNA paternity test. Choosing the right one, however, requires the exercise of due diligence. Please be guided by the following tips:

* The reputation of the company should be considered. Has it proven itself to be a reliable service provider of cheap DNA paternity test procedures? How long has it been in existence? How many complaints has it received?

* Make sure that the company will keep the results confidential. DNA paternity testing is an intimately personal matter by itself, and it can even ruin existing relationships if certain results are made public. The company should respect the privacy demanded by the results as well as the subject.

* Make sure that the company will deliver the results as expediently as they could. Waiting for the results will cause a lot of anxiety. The faster the results will arrive, the less the anxiety you will have to bear.

* If you're planning to use the results as evidence in a court proceeding, ask the company beforehand if they can ensure the shorter chain of custodies required for the admissibility of the findings. Otherwise, the court may not accept the same as evidence in its halls.

* Of course, you'd want to find a company that offers its services for the lowest price possible. This can only be done after studying a lot of the available options.

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