Should You Or Should You Not Settle For A Cheap Home Paternity DNA Test?

In this day and age, DNA paternity tests have become an accepted standard for court proceedings aiming to determine the legitimate or natural filiation of a child, or the absence of the same. The question of "am I the parent?" has developed from a matter of "he said, she said" into a conclusive and indubitable science that compares and contrasts the very signature of our humanity: the DNA strand.

Indeed, courts have adopted the rule that a DNA paternity test is the best evidence to prove filiation. A positive relationship established by such a test is immediately a prima facie case in favor of filiation, one which will be difficult, but not impossible, to overturn.

But since a DNA paternity test is a relatively new technology, people are of the notion that availing of such will be expensive. Hence, many people who need the validation such tests provide seek more affordable options.

A cheap home paternity DNA test is made possible by over-the-counter kits. These kits come with clear and concise instructions that will allow anyone - ANYONE - to conduct their own DNA paternity test in the comforts of their own homes.

Yes, a cheap home paternity DNA test is inexpensive.

Yes, a cheap home paternity DNA test is easy to use.

But is a cheap home paternity DNA test the alternative that people have long been searching for?

To cut to the chase, the answer is no. Such a home DNA test, if submitted as evidence in legal proceedings, will not be accepted. The law provides that only the results derived from DNA tests conducted by duly accredited institutions can be acceptable as evidence in court. This is the law's way of preserving the integrity of the results. After all, home DNA tests are conducted by what we can consider as amateurs. The results are not as strongly conclusive as those derived from tests conducted by experts. Additionally, there are more possibilities of tampering when it comes to home DNA tests, something which the law must guard against.

The propriety of availing of a home DNA test for the sole reason that it is more affordable is debunked by the fact that, in actuality, DNA tests conducted by experts and duly accredited professionals are not as expensive as people think they are. The difference between the two options is relatively negligible. You'd only have to pay for the labor involved when it comes to a professional DNA sampling.

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