What Is An Ancestry DNA Test?

Over the past decade, knowledge of human genome has accelerated. Scientists, working on the discoveries of Watson and Crick are unraveling the double helix faster than ever before. The future of genetic research is exciting and promises to bring fantastic cures and treatments for many disorders, new understanding of how human beings have evolved, and hopefully, the prospect of better health. Additionally, continued research into Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) has allowed modern science to turn around and gaze into the past through ancestry DNA test.

An ancestry DNA test is a procedure where scientists can examine the genetic code of a person and trace their 揻amily tree?back numerous generations. It is interesting to note that these tests have a high accuracy rate and are helping people understand more about their past.

Maybe you believe that you are the ancestor of someone historically famous and you want definitive proof. Maybe you have parts of other ethnicities in your genetic code that you were unaware of. Ancestry DNA test is the process where you can find out this information.

In addition, you can discover if you are related to another person or find out if you and another person come from a common ancestor. If you抳e ran into someone who shares your last name you can ask them to participate in a test to see if you抮e related!

DNA tests are nothing new, but recent advances have lowered the cost of these tests. There are even services that mail an ancestry DNA test to your home that you can send back to them for processing. It sounds like science-fiction, but it抯 really happening today!

There are two main tests that can provide you with information on your ancestry. The first form of ancestry DNA test is the mtDNA test. This test studies your mitochondrial DNA. This test can find out if you are related to someone, but it can抰 tell you how close the relation is. The second test is a Y line test. This test studies the Y chromosome in DNA. This test is usually reserved for people who have a common last name to check to see if they are related. How exciting is that?

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